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EFX Ignition Shelby 1000Mission Systems Official Engineer / Supplier for NASAMission Systems Sponsors Team Honda Stotz RacingAuthorized Supplier to Shelby American
Mission Systems Performance Ignition Systems Mission Ignition Systems Inc. produces the following product lineups.

WeaponX Ignition Componentsperformance automotive ignition

WeaponX Level 1, and Level 2 ignition components offer outstanding performance and value in the competative automotive market. Mission Ignitions WeaponX Level 1 product lineup outpaces competitors ignition components such as AEM, Bosch, MSD, DynoTech and Accell, while WeaponX EFX Level 2 product lineup is engineered to outperform Motec, Halltech, Fuel Air Spark, and others associated with higher performance ignition components.


TaKAI Ignition Components(Japanese for highest quality)performance powersport ignition

Mission Ignition Systems TaKAI ignition components use tighter tolerance production to squeeze performance characteristics into compact components for performance powersport products with smaller engine package requirements. TaKAI components out perform all McLaren, Magnetti Marelli, Denso, and Mitsubishi compact coils, and are used in engines which require substantial power output from the ignition system with compact package restraints. TaKAI components are packaged to have greater outputs then the WeaponX Product lineup, within a smaller package, but at a higher cost.


NeXT Gen Ignition Components performance ignition

Mission Ignitions NeXT Gen ignition products always use the latest technology, are hand assembled, ultra compact, ultra high output ignition components which use our latest high tolerance components, packaged into a small footprint. NeXGen components undergo extensive testing by qualified personnel before release to the public. Each product is serialized, marked to it's owner, and is setup specifically for customer needs. Sold to the most discerning customers, each custom component is limited to 100 production units a year. **Customer validation and certified installers required. Down payments required on each production piece.

Featured Products


    Our WeaponX ignition coils are the next stage in ignition enhancements for performance enthusiasts. With 50% more spark burn time and 80kV voltages, WeaponX coils can light 1600+hp at gaps as large as 0.028" without issue, vs 0.020" of our Level 1 coils, or 0.015" for OEM and competitor coils.

    If the best components make it on your engine, look no further, and find out why Shelby American prefers using Mission Systems products.

  • The latest technology available

    Mission Systems is the only company to provide new and innovative solutions for customer demands. Some innovations include carbon nano tube super conductor technology, the latest SMD, small form factor 30 amp ignition amplifiers and the most compact / highest output pencil ignition coil in class.

  • NASA Engineering

    Mission Systems engineering

    Mission is trusted and employed by NASA to engineer, test and develop new concepts for next generation ignition systems for rocket boosters

    Trusted engineering services

    Mission has been a key part in providing new concepts, and prototype components for NASA's new compact rocket ignition systems. Trusted to provide products that work, Mission provides the necessary technical data, with proven innovative designs.