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Mission Ignition Powers NASA thrusters

Mission Ignition is a NASA space program partner Mission Ignition Systems is generating more and more excitement as we prove to our customers we are the premier company for their high performance ignition needs.

Mission Ignition Systems a trusted ignition supplier to several OEM performance providers, as well as government level agencies including the military and NASA. Our aim, to provide the highest levels of engineering available, to deliver our equipment on time, and on budget.

Delivering the new standard in high performance thruster ignitions Mission Ignition Systems delivers proprietary technology in highly compressed form factors without sacrificing reliability or output. Used by industry professionals around the world, not only can Mission Systems provide off the shelf components, but we can also custom develop solutions for any performance orientated ignition need.

Take a look at NASA's impressive Morpheous Lander in action with it's single 8000lb thrust main thruster and RCS thrusters used for mission transport.

Technical Whitepaper on Mission Systems (formerly WeaponX) Ignition System Design

NASA Technical Portal Archive - Coil-On-Plug Ignition for Oxygen/Methane Liquid Rocket Engines in Thermal-Vacuum Environments