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Mission Ignition Powers Shelby 1000

After exhausting back to backs vs all competitors, Mission Ignition Systems WeaponX series is the only ignition coil capable of providing the output needed for Shelby American Inc.'s 1200+hp Shelby 1000.

Science tells us by placing more energy into a process we can extract more energy out of a process.This is the underlying principal involved in performance ignition upgrades and WeaponX components meets this important requirement in assisting Shelby American with their 1200 horsepower supercar.

Tested by Shelby American, our WeaponX lineup was chosen by the industries best to provide 1200+ engine horsepower. Engineers stated that at 800 hp, the OEM, or other after market components were simply too under powered to deliver the power needed to properly ignite the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. As a result, Mission Ignition is humbled to be a very small part of the team by supplying a quality product to achieve the holy grail of powersports accomplishments, delivering over 1000 engine horsepower on a street oriented vehicle.

Mission Ignition Systems Inc. is the first aftermarket producer of coil on plug ignition components for late model applications and relentlessly seeks to produce the best ignition components available worldwide. Our WeaponX components, unlike an intake or exhaust, improve engine responsiveness and power right from idle all the way to redline and provide compound power gains, even at part throttle. The more air and fuel you throw at our WeaponX ignition system, the more power our ignition components effectively unleash.

Paired with our top notch customer service, and lifetime warranty, Mission Ignition Systems wants to make sure you leave feeling like part of the team, confident about your purchase and right about the product and the end results. Mission Ignition Systems is here for you!