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chevy ignition
Mission Ignition Systems is generating more and more excitement as we prove to our customers time and time again we are one of the premier companies to consider for thier application specific performance ignition needs.

weaponx is a nasa space program partner

Mission Ignition Systems is a trusted ignition supplier to several OEM performance providers and currently also provides ignition components to government level agencies including the military and NASA. We aim to provide competitive and reliable products that work and look to give our customers what they expect from a high performance ignition component.

Mission Ignition Systems offers many of the best items across most ignition platforms who have revolutionized applications in automotive and aerospace. Engineering, designing and producing ignition components that work to customer specifications, give customers like NASA the added advantage they need in performance and reliability.weaponx is a nasa space program partner

Mission Ignition Systems have been instrumental in delivering noise reduction technology and highly compressed ignition circuts for shuttles such as NASA's project MORPHEOUS. Delivering improved DAS performance, while providing high voltages.

Some supported tech information here.
Mission Ignition Systems Rocket Ignition Development

Developed in house, we specify proven components to ensure reliable running, and precise ignition performance..

Mission Ignition Systems provides off the shelf, plug and play components, but can also engineer and provide custom solutions for any performance orientated application.

Also, all our retail available ignition components are backed by a lifetime warranty and our outstanding customer support so you can be sure we will be there for you in your time of need.

Take a look at NASA's impressive Morpheous Lander in action with it's single 7500lb thrust main thruster and sub thrusters used to relocate equipment for astronaughts, perhapes to be used on the first missions to Mars.


For more information on Mission Ignition Systems products take a look around our site and see the difference our components can make.

To view a complete list of our products click the link below and take a look at our online catalog to view the latest components and performance ignition equipment we offer.

Mission Ignition Systems Online Catalog

Mission Ignition's WeaponX coils Powers Shelby 1000 supercar

Our WeaponX super coil lineup helps power the new Shelby 1000 which is a visual and technological triumph. Providing a streetable 1200hp vehicle with all the beauty and performance expected from a Shelby supercar. WeaponX Performance Products LTD. is humbled to provide Shelby with ignition upgrades for thier latest 50th anniversary achievement.

For more information on the Shelby 1000 please visit thier webpage.
Shelby American, Inc.

Mission Ignition Powers Hartley 500hp H1V8

weaponx 500hp 2.8L V8

Our WeaponX super coil lineup helps power the new 10,000+rpm Hartley H1V8 which is a 500hp 3.0 liter, or 2.8 litre depending on configuartaion, 32 valve V8 weighing less than most 4 cylinder engines and is about the same size.

The H1V8 is ideally suited for track cars and other lightweight race or recreational vehicles which have been limited to 4 cylinder engines for size and weight reasons. The 500hp H1V8 is the closest thing to a production formula 1 engine and can be seen in production and racing vehicles around the world such as the amazing V8 Ariel Atom 500 supercar!

For more information please visit thier webpage.
Hartley H1V8 Webpage

View the H1V8 engine make magic in the Ariel Atom 500's chasis, the ultimate combination of power, performance and handling.

Mission Ignition Sytems - WEAPONX Ignition Wire, raising the bar!

WeaponX PowerCORE is just the ignition wire required for all your performance related needs.

ignition wire

Mission Ignition Systems WeaponX PowerCORE wire is designed with one thing in mind. Deliver the BEST performance available in an ignition wire and still provide EMI / RFI protection against radio and electronic level disturbances in the system. Our wire allows for tremendous gains, the lowest resistance in the industry when combined with our WeaponX spark plugs, and offers a lifetime warranty that competitor wire just can't match.

Produced as an 8.8mm Hybrid Super Conductor which offers performance and value benefits over other designs, WeaponX PowerCORE wire is offered by the foot for custom applications, in per piece boots and connectors to fill the needs of our customers without requiring them to purchase hundreds of feet and parts that are not required.

For more product information visit the below link
WeaponX PowerCORE Ignition Wire

Performance COP ignition coils and ignitions

performance pencil coil with igniterEver wish you could bolt in the latest in Coil On Plug Technology onto your stand alone computer without the need for ignition wires? Wait no longer! Mission Ignition Sytems is proud to introduce it's line of high performance coil on plug ignitor solutions to the aftermarket performance market!

Designed with high output capabilities and a gauntlet of protective circuitry including, thermal overload protection, short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection! The WeaponX Ignitor has again raised the bar for performance ignition components.

Using a custom designed active H.S.F. it is the only ignitor solution available on the market to offter a heat sink / fan combination to allow for continued high output and exceptional durabilty / performance!

To learn more go click on the link below.
Ignitor Module Information

We would also like to introduce our WeaponX vT lineup for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder Ford and GM, GMC, Chevrolet, Hummer, Isuzu, SAAB and Cadillac V8 engines! Customers have been asking us to release a solution and it is here!

performance ignition coil Using the latest technology and components available WeaponX has released cutting edge performance ignition coils for a variety of coil near plug applications which utilize an ignition wire. Produced where coil on plug solutions are not an option but high output energy is required WeaponX has pulled out all the stops to deliver an ignition coil which will make your engine run smoother, perform better and offer exceptional durability!

Other features that WeaponX implements are super conductors and a unique pat. circuitry meaning better, more efficient power transfer capabilities than typical designs and lower overall ignition noise in the system. This also allows our ignition coils to improve overall spark efficiency by as much as 25% vs standard designs. Because of this, not only have customers realized anywhere from 10 - 20% better engine response and power delivery but the Tower EFX lineup also delivers better fuel economy, making it an investment that pays for itself in months.

To learn more go click on the link below.
WeaponX vT Ignition Coils

NeXT products are here! Contact us for availability.

mopar ignitionIn a development meeting today founder Mark Lepore has issued a press release for the latest ground breaking ignition components.

These components will be built and hand soldered in limited production runs for the highest output available in the industry. They will be custom made to customer specification and will be our highest output models ever!

All ignition coils now feature this new technology which increases ignition energy by yet another +20%!

April 4th 2017